2019 Class Schedule & Skill Level

Because of the unique styles of hip hop we offer, it’s helpful to have some information on how our classes differ from one another, and what you can expect in each. Each instructor brings something fresh and original,so in addition to trying out new classes, be sure to experience a range of instructor’s as well.





5-6 pm : Hip Hop level 1/2 with CHiE

6-7 pm : Hip Hop level 3/4 with CHiE

(*Both class Age 9-up )



6:30-7:30 pm : Animation Hip Hop with Jimmy

(*Open level , Age 9-up)



4:15-5:15 pm : Kids Hip Hop with Samerah

(*Age 5-8y )

6-7 pm : JazzFunk with CHiE

(*Open level , Age 9-up)



4:15-5:15 pm Kids Jazz with Samerah

(* Age 5-8y )

5:30-6:30 pm : Lyrical Jazz with CHiE

(* Open level , Age 9-up )


    +Skill Level+

Level 1                      Beginner 

Level 1/2                   A little dance background

Level 2                     Low-intermediate

Level 2/3                  Intermediate

Level 3                     Working towards Advanced

Level 3/4                  Intermediate - Advanced

Level 4                     Advanced   

Open Level               Any type of dancer at any level